Electric Blanket Myths and Facts Common Myths Doing The Rounds

Electric Blanket Myths and Facts: Common Myths Doing The Rounds

Electric Blanket Myths and Facts: Common Myths Doing The Rounds

As an electrical utility, electric blankets are there in the market for quite a long time. Since then, people have loved using these and some have refrained from even thinking to purchase one. With the advancements that have been taking place, these have become a much superior choice as opposed to the fabric-only blankets. But, some myths make it debatable to use one or not. Let’s look at some of those myths and debunk the beliefs!

Electric Blanket Myths and Facts: Common Myths Doing The Rounds

Electric Blanket Myths and Facts Common Myths Doing The Rounds

Myth #1: Electric blankets can cause cancer.

Fact: This is one of the widely circulated myths about electric blankets. However, there are absolutely no studies that prove such an effect. Electric blankets have, on the other hand, shown to leave positive and therapeutic effects on an individual. We see no reason to fear using this product. These can be prone to fire hazards if not used properly. But, there’s no convincing reason to show that even the electromagnetic radiations produced by an electric blanket can cause cancer. The exposure is much lower to lead to such a situation.

Myth #2: Keeping the blanket turned off is the best way to save energy.

Fact: No, electric blankets do not work that way. You simply need to purchase a model that says energy efficient. This is what will save you a fortune. It isn’t an expensive affair but, simply a matter of making the correct decision. Electricity costs are a major concern but simply keeping the blanket turned off for a major time period is no solution. If that is the case, what’s even the use of an electric blanket, they are made to run for about 8-10 hours straight. But, most of the times a 30 minute to an hour operation is also enough. And you stay warm all night. More than that, you can purchase a blanket that works on low voltage technology with being energy efficient. Keep the thermostat down and you are all sorted.

Myth #3: Just because it uses electricity, an electric blanket is unsafe for the skin.

Fact: Contrary to the belief, an electric blanket might surely make use of electricity for heating purposes, but it also has many other positive effects on the body. The soft heat generated by this product relieves a number of health problems. It can help relax muscle soreness, joint pain, back pain and also relieve your everyday tensions. An electric blanket is great for people who are sleep deprived or who suffer from arthritis. Compared to other treatments, this works like heat compression to ease your ailments.

Myth #4: The shock’s going to be super intense if you drop water on the blanket.

Fact: As far as the technology of an electric blanket is concerned, it is designed in such a way that nothing major would happen even if you drop some water on it. Majority of the pieces are shockproof and water resistant. This is why you are all safe. However, you must not use an electric blanket if it’s wet after washing. Let it dry off completely and only then you must power it on. You must not, of course, be so careless when snuggling under an electric blanket. Avoid facing any ordeal by staying just a bit careful. And in case you still drop some water or any liquid on a running blanket, power off the blanket to be on the safe side.

Myth #5: Electric blankets aren’t for kids.

Fact: This is another common myth doing the rounds that have absolutely no value. Ideally, an electric blanket is designed for the people of all ages. And, this includes both adults as well as kids. Though, it is suggested that kids and pets must use an electric blanket under strict supervision. Toddlers must be taught the basics of operating an electric blanket.

To be on the safe side and to avoid any accidents, kids too must know how an electric blanket works. And, pets must not be left unattended. Using an electric blanket for kids or pets isn’t a no-no. But, the usage must be under supervision to cut down any risks.

Concluding Words…

Electric blankets are energy efficient winter bedding option. They use little energy and incur no high electricity costs. Not just this, electric blankets are kids and pet-friendly along with being shockproof and water resistant. You just turn it on for about 30 minutes to 1 hour or two and things get sorted for the entire night. These are designed to essentially work for more than 8 hours at a stretch which is why the wires are perfectly insulated and you have a comfortable as well as a healing experience snuggling under one!

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